MDC ‘S’ Classic Stirrup Irons – 4 3/4″

Brand New MDC ‘S’ Classic Stirrup Irons in the 4 3/4″ size.

From the MDC website: “The MDC ‘S’ Classic is designed for riders who appreciate the classic lines of a traditional fillis stirrup and the benefits of MDC’s patented, improved design. The MDC ‘S’ Classic™ features our patented 45° ‘S’ Positioning Technology. Combined with our ultra-low profile, high traction aluminum tread, the MDC ‘S’ Classic™ delivers improved stirrup and leg position, greater base of support, relieves pressure on ankles, knees, hips and back, is easily retrievable and safer in the event of a fall. MDC Stirrups are designed by a professional horseman; from our Saddle to Yours / Horseman to Horseman.”



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