LJ Legacy Primus Bridle with Flash – Full

BRAND NEW LJ Leathers Legacy bridle with flash. This bridle has never been on a horse! Features all the high-end details one could expect of a high-end bridle, including fancy stitched details, padded monobrow headpiece, and soft Italian leather.

From the LJ Leathers website: “This bridle is the combination of the LEGACY head strap with the PRIMUS noseband. The bridle has all the features of the LEGACY bridle but the special PRIMUS noseband band has been developed to ensure that the sensitive facial nerves of the horse’s head are protected from extra pressure. The easy system with snap hook ensures that the noseband can be adjusted quickly and to protect the jaws there is a an extra padding with memory foam. As well as the brow band as on the PRIMUS noseband are with decorative off white stitching.
Bridle is produced with stainless steel buckles.”



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