17.5″ GBS Semi-Semi Deep 3A (2020) *Long/Forward Flaps*


Gorgeous dark brown GBS with long/forward flaps and a semi-flat seat (their semi-semi-deep seat).

From the GBS website: “The semi-semi deep saddle is the perfect compromise between the flat saddle and the semi deep. It allows to associate freedom of movement, pelvis interlocking and comfort. This one procures a natural balance with an advanced center of gravity, mild horse riding and an optimum contact between the rider and the horse. The integrated panels offer a perfect close contact and a better breakdown of the pressure areas”

Year: 2020

Seat Size: 17.5”

Seat Style: semi semi-deep (comparable to a semi-flat in other brands)

Flap Style: 3A (long/forward)

Flap Length (measured from the bottom of the stirrup bar): 14″

Flap Width (widest point): 15″

Gullet measurement: 4.5″ (medium)

Comes with: GBS cover

Comments: There is a large nick on the right side of the cantle (See photos)



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