16.5″ Antares Evolution 2N (2015) *AO1 Wide Tree*Straight Flaps*

Gorgeous Antares Evolution with cut-back tree that is specially designed for horses with broad shoulders and/or prominent withers. This saddle also features standard length/straight flaps and an AO1 wide tree.

Saddle Stats:

Year: 2015

Seat Size: 16.5″

Seat Style: Evolution (deep)

Seat Width: L (average)

Flap Style: 2N (standard length/straight)

Flap Length (measured from the bottom of the stirrup bar): 13″

Flap Width (widest point): 13.5″

Gullet measurement: 5″ (measures wide on an AO1 wide tree)

Comes with: generic cover

Comment: This saddle has a small hole in each thigh block and some minor scuffing and nicks on the pommel (see pictures).



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