Highline Tack Trial Agreement

Highline Tack and Fineline Tack offer a 5-day trial period on all saddles to ensure that our customers and their horses are happy with each saddle purchase.


  1. The customer is responsible for safe keeping of the saddle until the end of the trial period or until the saddle is received back at Highline Tack or Fineline Tack. If the saddle is lost, stolen or broken, the full purchase price will be the responsibility of the customer. If the saddle is damaged or blemished, depreciation cost of damage or blemish or repair cost will be charged (Minimum 10%).
  2. The 5 day trial begins the day the saddle is delivered. Before or upon completion of the 5-­day trial, the customer must notify Highline Tack or Fineline Tack if the saddle is to be kept or returned. On the sixth day, the saddle becomes the property of the customer and no returns for any reason will be accepted. There are no exceptions made, unless made prior to or during the trial in writing (email or message) from Highline Tack or Fineline Tack.
  3. Any saddle returned with excessive wear on the flaps, scratches in the leather, nicks or significant marks to any part of the saddle will automatically be assessed a minimum of 10% of the saddles value. If the saddle is extremely damaged, so that it will significantly affect the subsequent sale of the saddle, the full purchase price will be charged and the saddle will become the property of the customer.
  4. All pre­owned saddles are sold as is. We do our best to describe saddles accurately including blemishes and measurements. The 5 day trial is to give our customers the opportunity to thoroughly inspect the saddle and fit for the horse and rider. There are no returns accepted after the 5-day trial has come to an end (unless the trial has been extended in writing).
  5. Customer will not hold Highline Tack or Fineline Tack liable for any safety defects of the saddle. We work hard to ensure that we are sending you the highest quality saddles in good condition. However, we cannot completely confirm the safety of every saddle. All saddles are sold in pre­owned condition and we offer a 5-day trial so that our customers have the opportunity to check over the saddles either themselves or with a trainer or saddler, if they wish to do so. Highline Tack and Fineline Tack are not to be held liable for an injury caused by a defective or faulty saddle.
  6. If you decide to send the saddle back after a trial, it must be with UPS on its way back by the 5th day of the trial. Please follow the instructions on the Return Card that was with your saddle shipment. Use the return label provided and drop the saddle off at any UPS Store or UPS access point.
    All return shipments are $50 which includes full insurance. The return shipping fee will be deducted from your refund.
  7. Once we get the saddle back and confirm that it is in the same condition in which it left, then we will refund your full payment (minus shipping costs and restocking fee) within 24 hours. There is a $75 restocking fee for all saddles returned from 5­ day trials. However, you will never pay a restocking fee if you end up purchasing a saddle from Highline Tack, no matter how many saddles you try. If a saddle is returned, the restocking fee will be taken out of the refund, but it will be used as a credit towards the next saddle purchase.