Consignment Agreement

This agreement is made between the undersigned person(s) as Consignor and Highline Tack, known as Consignee *

Articles Consigned:

  • Saddles will be covered by our insurance policy during shipment if they are properly wrapped in bubble wrap and shipped in a Double-Wall box or a reinforced Single-Wall box. Single-Wall boxes with no reinforcement will not be covered.
  • Highline Tack will act as an agent for the Consignor, therefore the articles placed with Highline Tack will remain the property of the Consignor until sold, picked up by Consignor or shipped back to Consignor.
  • Consignor’s articles are covered by Highline Tack’s business insurance policy while in Highline Tack’s care. The consignment items are also shipped with full insurance that will cover any loss or damage during shipment.
  • Items placed on consignment will be priced at the amount that is agreed upon by the Consignor and Consignee.
  • All sales or discounts on consignment saddles will be discussed with Consignor prior to execution.
  • Consignee will secure full payment for the consigned saddle prior to being shipped out or picked up for a trial period.
  • Consignor agrees to allow saddle to be shipped out on trials with prospective buyers for periods of 5-8 days. During which time, saddles will be test ridden.
  • Consignor also agrees for saddle to be displayed at Highline Tack vendor booths at horse shows.
  • Consignor agrees to allow the saddle to be transported in a car and taken to prospective buyers for test rides on local day trials.
  • Consignor shall not hold Highline Tack responsible for wear, damage, fire or theft during trial periods. However, the saddle will be paid for in full prior to being sent out on a trial. If it is returned with excessive wear and/or damage, the repair cost or difference in value will be deducted from the trial customer’s refund. Therefore, the full Consignment payout will still be paid out to the Consignor unless otherwise agreed upon.
  • Highline Tack agrees to advertise all consigned saddles on, Highline Tack’s Facebook and Instagram pages and relevant Facebook groups.
  • Once the saddle has arrived with Highline Tack or Fineline Tack and is listed as a consignment, the saddle can only be transitioned to a Trade-In for an additional $150 fee. However, a saddle that arrives as a Trade-In can be transitioned to a Consignment at no additional cost.

Consignment Selling Period and Terms:

  • Consignor is responsible for all shipping charges between Consignor and Consignee.
  • Consignor must give 7 days notice prior to removing consigned saddle from Highline Tack once saddle is inventory for consignment. The saddle will be shipped back to the original address.
  • Consignor may not advertise or sell consigned saddle on other sales platforms while the saddle is consigned with Highline Tack or Fineline Tack.
  • There is a $100 fee for removing a consigned saddle from our stock to cover cleaning and advertising time and expenses. The owner is also responsible for the shipping costs (incoming and outgoing).
  • Highline Tack’s saddle consignment fee is 25%. The minimum consignment fee is $500.
  • We appreciate clean consignment saddles, but we do not charge a fee for cleaning newly consigned saddles.
  • Please note that there is a $40 charge for consignment saddles that arrive without a cover (can be a generic cover)

Payment Policy:

  • Once the consignment saddle has sold, full due payment will be made to Consignor within 3 business days. We process Pay-Outs on Wednesdays and Fridays.
  • Please do not contact us for updates on your saddle’s status after your saddle has gone out on trial. We will contact you to pay you out (see above). Or, we will contact you once we receive the saddle back from the trial and it has been fully checked back into our stock.
  • Full due payment to consignor refers to the payment paid for the saddle from the buyer to Highline Tack, minus the consignment fee. The incoming shipping fee with full insurance will also be deducted from the payment to the Consignor.
  • Consignor can choose their payout in the form of a mailed check, through Paypal (no fees will be taken out) or by bank transfer (with $20 bank fee deducted). Consignor may also choose to apply some or all of the payment to store credit with Highline Tack or Fineline Tack.

Consignment Agreement